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Dispensing system management

We set up an individual hygiene and data management system for your plants, which ensures that you are always up to date with regard to inspection intervals that are due. You can rely on us.

Our certified dispensing equipment inspector will advise you on meeting the required deadlines for hazard assessments, hygiene and structural safety of your equipment.

Documentation / dispensing system management: An important aspect for you, especially in the case of controls by the food supervisory authorities and breweries. We professionally take care of the entire administrative effort, create an individual documentation management for your facilities and take care of all necessary entries.

Care at the highest level

Beverage line maintenance

We carry out the maintenance of the beverage dispensing systems according to the latest and most modern guidelines in accordance with valid DIN standards. We pay attention to optimal cleaning results as well as to the environmental compatibility of the products we use. We attach great importance to the latest/most modern/tested technology, not only for cleaning agents, but also for the working equipment.

Beverage line maintenance...we have been experts in this field for over 25 years. We only use equipment from leading manufacturers and first-class cleaning and working materials.

Customer care - a matter of course for us

Training/instruction of your employees according to DGUV 110-007

Today's regulations clearly regulate the obligation of the caterer to instruct his employees at least once a year in order to prevent accidents at work and to maintain health. The instructions for structural safety of your dispensing equipment (especially dispensing gases / gas warning systems) and hygiene requirements must be documented in writing in the operating log.

Put the training of your staff in our hands - we will make you the right offer, whether one or twenty people. Each participant receives a certificate of instruction.

Our inspector and quality representative will assist you with all questions regarding operational safety and hygiene, but also with the annually required instructions / training of your employees.

Fast help - even in urgent cases

Refrigeration Service

We install, maintain and repair your refrigeration equipment, whether it's counter cooling, companion cooling or keg box cooling - we do it!

And we do it quickly, often the same day you call.

Has your counter cooling failed? Do you have a problem with the tracer cooling? The barrel cooler is once again not doing what it is supposed to do...we help quickly and reliably.